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TINA: a sustainable way to heat buildings

The Italian innovative generator with zero emission

TINA: a sustainable way to heat buildings

Claudia Astarita


TEON, an Italian new company, has recently created a very innovative tool: a heat generator with zero emissions. Its name is TINA and it is useful to heat up buildings (even the old ones) without intervening on the existing plants or radiators, by only substituting the boiler. This system does not only reset the emissions but also gives an important advantage to the users who can reduce their electricity bills up to 40%.

TINA is very effective: 70% of the energy it uses is taken from renewable energy sources (aquifer, lake, river, etc) while only the remaining 30% derives from electricity. Therefore, the consumptions are remarkably reduced from 100 units (of a traditional boiler) to 30 energy units used by TINA. Accordingly, besides the use of renewable sources of energy, the buildings using TINA will improve their energy class and their value.

TINA was conceived by TEON as its distinctive product revolutionising the heating panorama. The startup was founded in 2015 thanks to the encounter between Veos (a company active in the field of energy and environment) led by Ferdinando Pozzani and Gianfranco Pellegrini, the creator of TINA technology.

Both the founders saw the need to invest more on sustainable heating systems based on renewable sources of energy, which are becoming more and more essential also considering the international agreements in the field of energy, such as the Kyoto protocol. TINA was conceived with this purpose: to offer a sustainable solution for heating, besides solar panels and wind power plants.

With regard to the company future goals, the primary one is to expand TINA technology both at the national and international level, contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution deriving from carbon emissions.

Today, TEON main installations in Italy include a school, a council building and a company, all very enthusiastic of TINA performances.

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