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12 things to do in Milan, for free

Visiting local churches and the Civic Museum, passing by the Idroscalo, Hangar Bicocca and the Botanical Garden

12 things to do in Milan, for free

Claudia Astarita


Are you in Milan and you are running out of ideas in deciding what to do?

Have a look at this website, and you will be definitely surprised in learning that there are a lot of things to do in this city, for free. Among them, visiting Milan churches or the local Civic Museum. Other options could be walking through the Monumental Cemetery, stroll in the city parks, or admiring the city from above from the Palazzo Lombardia Belvedere.

Last but not least, sport-lovers are welcome to visit the Idroscalo, while art and nature lovers should not miss contemporary artists on stage at Hangar Bicocca or a visit to the Botanical Garden and the Astronomical Museum.

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