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Alberto Sordi and his Rome, an exhibition

An exhibition at the Vittoriano celebrates the great man, focusing closely on the very Roman spirit of Albertone

Alberto Sordi and his Rome, an exhibition

Nathania Zevi


Alberto Sordi, the Roman actor also famous abroad in particular in the USA, and identification of Rome itself, is able to amuse people also on an exhibition.

The " Alberto Sordi and his Rome" exhibition ( from 15 February to  31 March)  at Complesso del , in Rome, pays tribute to the popular Italian actor that better than any other represented the characterization of the average Roman/Italian man.

The event by Gloria Satta, Vincenzo Mollica, Alessandro Nicosia and Tiziana Appetito, has been promoted by Roma Capitale with the collaboration of Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, in particular Direzione per il Cinema  involved in the development and promotion  of Italian film industry, RAI ( Italy's national public- service radio and television broadcasting organization,) with the patronage of Alberto Sordi Foundation, Media Partner and Il Messaggero newspaper.

The exhibition highlights Sordi's extraordinary relationship with Rome through photographs, films letters, audio and video material, objects and personal belongings coming from the actor's house, or private archives.

Among the items displayed at the exhibition : the costume, Sordi was wearing in the film  " Il Marchese del Grillo," the terracotta buffalo-shaped moneybox given to the Roman actor by Kansas City mayor, the policeman cap of "Il vigile," a beautiful picture of the actor as a child and pictures and videos  of those places where Sordi lived and which he chose as the locations for his films.

Furthermore, viewers will be able to see at the Roman exhibition, the piano Sordi used to play, his bicycle, the barber chair he had in his bathroom, his typewriter, the chest where Sordi kept his gym equipment and Pope John Paul II's benediction.

Ten years ago thousands of people mourned Alberto Sordi's death, today with him and thanks to him, they keep on laughing.

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