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Barbie comes to Milan

The exhibition “Barbie. The Icon” will praise a great fashion protagonist still amazing today

Barbie comes to Milan

Claudia Astarita


Barbara Millicent Robert - better known as Barbie - will have a dedicated exhibition about her story at the Museum of Cultures in Milan. The event will open up from October 28th 2015 focusing on the beautiful 56-year-old Blondie, very much appreciated by several generations around the world.

Barbie can show off impacting numbers: she wore 1 billion dresses and about 980 meters of fabric. Undoubtedly, fashion has been her passion over the years and it definitely continues to be. For this reason, she couldn't miss the "Milan fashion week", posting on Instagram a super-chic picture of herself. With the Milan Duomo on the background, Barbie stands out with a trendy red tailleur and a white shirt.

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