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China brings Italian food to the countryside

A local villager treated to home-cooked birthday banquet ordered online for 750 Euro

China brings Italian food to the countryside

Claudia Astarita


92-year-old Guizhou villager recently had the privilege to celebrate his birthday with a home-cooked Italian banquet that was ordered online for 5.000 yuan, nearly 750 euro.

It was the villager's daughter-in-law, Zeng Jinchai, who originally had the idea to celebrate his husband's father's anniversary with a special Italian touch. She spotted an advertisement on the storefront for direct-delivery Italian goods, she went online and booked a banquet of Italian food to be prepared in their village by foreign chefs.

Yunshe Village is a village located deep in the mountains of Guizhou Province and home to members of the Tujia ethnic group. For the special occasion, steak, lobster and pizza along with appetizers, sweets and wine were prepared and served by three (real) Italian chefs.

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