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Creative Rome transforms the city into an open-air museum

The new initiative that promotes peripheries through street art masterpieces

Creative Rome transforms the city into an open-air museum

Claudia Astarita


Rome is becoming an open-air urban museum thanks to the project "Creative Rome". Just two months old, this initiative was able to foster a full expression of street art, enriching the periphery walls with more than 40 works..

The Assessor to Culture - Giovanna Marinelli - stating the precise intention to transform the capital city into an open gallery, declared "we are mapping the whole metropolitan area in order to create a new touristic itinerary which values street art and the new cultural languages". Boldly, Mrs. Marinelli stressed the importance for Rome to have a "touristic map like London, New York and Berlin in order to know more about the peripheries and make them more appealing".

In fact, the outskirts are the actual linchpin of Creative Rome, defined by the Italian famous architect Renzo Piano as "the cities of the future, a heritage to future generations which need to be rescued from ruin".

The project focuses on a tour starting from the Ostiense District, the area between Piramide and San Paolo. All information on the installations displayed is available on the website Torpignattara district will also be a protagonist, with its wall art performed by some of the most important urban artists (such as Sten Lex and Ludo). Moreover, in the same zone there will be a corner devoted to music within the "torpignalab".

Four metro-stations - namely Rebibbia, Santa Maria del Soccorso, Monti Tiburtini, and Ponte Mammolo - will be the drawing book of several artists, who will portray some portions of the city. Finally, Sanba 2015 will involve a true public artistic performance, managed by the international artist Hints, who will make a monumental work on the 6 facades of the quarter.

To sum up, Creative Rome is a smart and intriguing initiative standing as a new tool to re-evaluate a portion of Italian territory within an alternative and original perspective.

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