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Dante's Divine Comedy revisited by African Artists

African celebrated artists explore the themes of paradise, purgatory, and hell in Washington

Dante Alighieri, il "sommo" poeta

Claudia Astarita


Forty among the most dynamic contemporary artists from 19 African nations joined "The Divine Comedy" hosted by the Smithsonian African Art Museum in Washington.

Until August the 2nd this extraordinary show will exhibit new pieces of contemporary art inspired by the work of Italian famous poet Dante Alighieri. Beyond revealing the ongoing global relevance of Dant's 14th century epic as part of a shared intellectual heritage, this space is offering African celebrated artists such as Kader Attia, Wangechi Mutu, and Yinka Shonibare the chance to explore the themes of paradise, purgatory, and hell with video, photography, printmaking, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, and mixed media installation, confirming the unlimited power of art to express the unspoken and intangible.

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