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Food excellences in Lombardy

The 5-days “food experience”

Food excellences in Lombardy

Claudia Astarita


Lombardy is undoubtedly a region that has a lot to offer, not only in terms of history and arts but also in terms of excellent food. For this reason, the regional administration (Regione Lombardia) has recently organised 5 nights of "food experience". This event was attended by a great variety of gourmet food lovers, but also by food bloggers and local producers.

The cities hosting "food experience" were Cremona, Brescia and Milan (the first night), followed by Como, Sondrio, Pavia, Bergamo, Lecco. Brescia, Monza, Varese and Lodi. Exclusive products were taken out, such as San Colombano al Lambro wine and the luxurious Winelade marmalades enriched with wine, only distributed by a small range of super top hotels.

One of the most important protagonists of the event was the city of Milan where, every night, 5 special menus are created by three chefs and one food blogger with typical local products and delicious recipes, which revise the food tradition highlighting its strengths.

The top products were special beers, different kinds of wine, dried meats and prosciutto. Within the beer scenario, some standing out names are Lorenzo Dabove's beers, along with Stradaregina and Lariano ones. Very surprising was the introduction of Gorgonzola cheese ice-cream by Verolatte - certainly having a pparticularlystrong flavour - and chef Chicco Caria's polenta using old corn grains.

These 5 nights were part of the thematic project "Sapore in Lombardia" created in order to communicate, spread and encourage enogastronomic tourism in the region and to give more visibility to its food and beverage excellences. Among them, the dried meat producers of Consorzion Salumi Ticino. They are very proud about their products and always respect 5 main standards, called "animals' freedoms": pigs need to be free to move, they should not be beaten, they should live fence-free, they should be taken cared daily and never experience sever hunger or thirst.

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