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Google selects 5 "Italian Jewels"

Etroubles, San Leo, Sermoneta, Castellabbate, Bova, and Gangi enter the top five

Google selects 5 "Italian Jewels"

Claudia Astarita


Google recently offered a selection of what its bloggers call "Italian Jewels": some of the most picturesque villages around the country, which have been chose for their architectural perfection, natural background and historical heritage.

The list of such gems goes from North to South of the Italian peninsula, and includes less known places that visitors will surely enjoy without being oppressed by the tourists' crowd that is often seen around the most popular destinations. Etroubles (Val d'Aosta), San Leo (Rimini), Sermoneta (Latina), Castellabbate (Salerno)Bova (Calabria), and Gangi (Palermo) are the selected ones: a good suggestion for a pleasant weekend to explore Italy off-the-beaten-track.

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