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How Rome celebrates its 2768th birthday

The Italian Capital transformed into a stage for historical commemorations, shows and cultural activities

How Rome celebrates its 2768th birthday

Claudia Astarita


During the last three days, the protagonists of "Roma Natale" transformed the Italian capital into a stage for historical commemorations, shows and cultural activities. The people who joined this incredible live performance belong to 43 cultural associations coming from 10 different nations, who gathered in Rome to celebrate its 2768th birthday. This year marked the 13th edition of the event, touching all Urbe's majestic sights.

The starting ceremony took place last Sunday at 10:00 am at the Circus Maximus. Known as "Commissio Feriarum" for its typical ritual of fire lighting, it was followed by the historical parade and exhibitions. This year innovation was the tribute to the historical tram 907, built in 1928 as the oldest still travelling up and down the city. Furthermore, after the exhibitions, visitors had the chance to see the fight between the legions and Spartacus gladiators.

Monday 20th April was devoted to cultural gatherings at Circus Maximus, continuing throughout Tuesday morning. The latter - as last day of the event - is characterized by the remembrance of Pililia Feast and Rome foundation.

The closing activity - scheduled for tonight - includes the suggestive lightening of Imperial Fora by Vittorio Storaro, recently awarded with the Oscar prize. This show will be accompanied by the concert of the National Academy of Saint Cecilia's JuniOrchestra, the first one made up by children and teenagers within the Italian scenario of lyric-symphonic foundations.

Another novelty for this year was the Living Nativity Scene of Matera - named European cultural city for 2019 - strengthening the bond between the Rocks city and the Gruppo Storico Romano, organizer of Roma Natale.  Moreover, the Mayor Marino announced the use of new technologies within the event - thanks to a team of young engineers - that will allow the visitor to take a more active part in the activities. For instance, participants could wear glasses giving them the impression of being physically on the stage.

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