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Italy: where foreigners love to get married

Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Venice among the most favourite destinations

Italy: where foreigners love to get married

Claudia Astarita


Italy is a beautiful country, and for more and more foreigners it is becoming common to organize their wedding there.

According to new data released by agencies planning international weddings, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Venice are among the most favourite destinations to tie the knot. The one of international weddings has become a very profitable business in Italy. Revenues have been estimated in $350m for 2014 and $400 for 2015. Other preferred destinations by foreigners for getting married are tropical islands.

British, Americans, Canadians, Russian and Chinese couples make the top five of grooms and spouses coming to Italy get married, an habit that is further stimulating tourism as most of these couples usually come back to Italy to celebrate some of their anniversaries.

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