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Italy: where to go glamping

A cozy way to explore Italy remaining close to nature without renouncing to comfort

Italy: where to go glamping

Claudia Astarita


For those who are still not familiar with the word Glamping, it may be useful to explain that this new expression comes from the marriage between Glamour and Camping. That being said, it is worth adding that Glamping is a new trend that started to be followed by all those who want to stay close to nature but without renouncing to comfort.

Italy is not ready to offer a unique set of Glamping experiences: from sleeping in a big wine barrel to enjoy the breathtaking view of Alps, to share a luxury romantic tent with your beloved one in Tuscany, or even to rent a tower in a fairy-tale castle. If you are interested in experiencing one of these, you should better start planning your next trip to Italy.

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