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Melbourne hosts the Sol D’Oro International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

A celebration of the best olive oil productions

Melbourne hosts the Sol D’Oro International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Claudia Astarita


Melbourne (Australia) is hosting the 3rd edition Sol D'Oro International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. This is the first time the competition sees Australia as a hosting country, chosen for its remarkable olive oil production and consumption.

The event is organized by Veronafiere in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne and sponsored by the Government of Victoria.

From the 5th until the 9 of September, olive oil producers will show their products, which will be assessed on three classifications, i.e. delicate fruity, medium fruity and intense fruity. A jury of international experts will judge of the different competitors through a series of blind tastings.

The winning oils will have the chance to attach the Sol d'Oro, Sol d'Argento and Sol di Bronzo quality stickers on their products. Furthermore, they will be presented as winners in the following edition of Sol&Agrifood - International Exhibition of Quality Agro-Foods in April 2017.

The international competition also works as a platform to connect olive oil buyers, operators and consumers around the world, all interested in this great protagonist of our tables. In fact, olive oil plays a fundamental role in cooking, being present in sauces, salads, pastas and sometimes even in cakes (replacing butter). Olive oil has a number of interesting properties, which have beneficial effects on our body. For instance, it is rich in essential micro-molecules (fat-soluble vitamins, tocopherols, and B-Carotene), along with other substances very useful for us, such as phytosterols and polyphenols. Compared to other fats, olive oil is a "good one". It has a positive impact on the metabolism and helps preventing cardio-vascular diseases.

Finally, from a practical point of view, olive oil is a very good tool to keep food over time and it is an excellent seasoning for almost all kinds of savoury food.

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