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Panorama d'Italia in New York

Panorama and IB&II ready to launch This is Italy - Parts Unknown, a New York-based initiative to explore Italian beauties from culture to entrepreneurship

Panorama d'Italia in New York

Claudia Astarita


Panorama, the most influential Italian weekly magazine, is committed to promoting our country abroad through a series of events under the title "This is Italy - Parts Unknown", which will take place in New York from October 31st until November 2nd and showcase the best Italy has to offer in the fields of fashion, design, art, culture, cuisine and entrepreneurship.

The Italian magazine has partnered with IB&II (Italian Business e Investment Initiatives), which operates in New York with the goals of re-positioning Italy within the high-end New York Business Community and fostering bilateral trade exchanges.

According to IB&II Ceo Fernando Napolitano, the wording "Parts Unknown" refers to the lack of knowledge in the U.S. about all positive accomplishments of our country. Therefore, Panorama's initiative will focus on a number of workshops and presentations which will take place in locations that will underline some of the most prestigious and renowned products of Italy, such as Eataly DownTown e Urbani Truffles. At the end of a enriching and  intense 3-days program, "This is Italy - Parts Unknown" will be concluded by the official ceremony during wich Italian and American excellences will be given the 2017 Leadership Excellence Awards.

The New York events are encapsulated in the middle of the "Panorama d'Italia" roadshow, which has been running for three years and consists of a series of traveling presentations in various Italian cities. Past editions touched thirty cities and attracted about 320,000 visitors, while 2017 "Panorama d'Italia" will has begun in April in Turin and conclude at the end of November in Ragusa, Sicily.

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