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Parma Fairs opens up to vintage lovers

In Italy to rediscover the beauties of the past in art, food, cars and much more

Parma Fairs opens up to vintage lovers

Claudia Astarita


Everything strated last Saturday, and until October the 11th Parma will keep its doors open to outstanding collections of modern art and antiques, dating back to unique beauties.

This year Mercanteinfiera, hosted by Parma Fairs, will have 1000 exhibitors, coming from Italy, France, the UK, Spain and Hungary. They will show their products on a space of 45.000 squared meters, proudly displaying a broad variety of objects. In fact, visitors will have the chance to appreciate the cabinet-making of the 18th century, along with refined objects belonging to pop culture.

Besides them, specific attention is devoted to food, in particular to "Granma's recipes" to satisfy the tastes of the most picky buyers. Parma Fairs will also host "What was boiling in the pot", a parallel exhibition on the early 20th century typical dishes that tracks food evolution over the decades. At the same time, there will be a section devoted to "emotional eating", going back to simple peasant cuisine, almost disappeared from our menus.

With regard to the buyers, they are expected to come from different countries, such as the US, France, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Argentina and Switzerland. Foreign purchasers usually look at the kermesse as an ad hoc place to make fruitful investments. On this subject, exports registered a 10% increase during last year edition, giving great hopes for the current edition as well.

Art will also be a core element of the event. Mercanteinfiera OFF 2015 is hosted by the Pigorini Palace until the 31st October, displaying incomplete masterpieces of famous international artists. Worth mentioning is that the items of this avant-garde exhibition are part of the collection belonging to the digital museum MoRE (Museum of Refused and unrealised art projects).

Finally, Parma Fairs will also host a photo exhibition (Per un Pugno di Miglia), a vintage cars one (Mercanteinauto) and a contemporary art exposition (Art Parma Fair), where artists such as Damien Hirst, Christo, Mario Schifano, Mimmo Rotella, and Piero Gilardi will be on stage.

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