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Rome among Forbes best European cities for children of all ages

Art, food and fun make Rome the perfect destination for tourists of all ages

Rome among Forbes best European cities for children of all ages

Claudia Astarita


The American magazine Forbes has just released its new chart of the best European cities which are "surprisingly" family-friendly and fun. On top of that, city trips are a great way to introduce children to new cultures and cuisine as well as to nurture their interest for history and art.

The greatwinnnerthis year is Rome, for history, spaghetti alla carbonara, and also because, "after all, all roads lead to Rome".

Here is how Forbes describes the Italian capital. "One cannot discuss Western Civilization without mentioning Ancient Rome. It's a city to visit before any other in Europe. Other than the obvious places, such as Vatican or the Colosseum, there are plenty of must-visit sites, such as the stunning Castel Sant'Angelo, originally Emperor Hadrian's mausoleum. For more light-hearted fun, there is Gladiator School, popular with children. Walk up to Villa Borghese and hop on the little tour train that runs through the park, rent bikes or have a picnic. Fuelling up with traditional Roman dishes such as cacio e pepe or spaghetti alla carbonara followed by gelato is a must. Parents, try an espresso and drink it hot and strong as Romans do".

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