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Street Art welcomed in Rome

The Ostiense neighborhood is a paradise for muralists. They were all local at the beginning, but now street artists come from all over the world

Street Art welcomed in Rome

Claudia Astarita


Time Magazine has noticed with great interest that "Roman Art" is not only made of "classical statues, ornate churches and the masterworks of Michelangelo, Caravaggio and their contemporaries" only, but of graffiti and street art as well.

The former industrial area in the Ostiense neighborhood has been progressively transformed into a paradise for muralists and poster artist. They were all local at the beginning, but now, thanks to the support of NUfactory, the agency that every year organizes an Outdoor Urban Art Festival, it gathers artists from all over the world.

They continue being considered freaky, if not crazy, by many people, but some recently started thinking that they can offer a different interpretation of the Eternal City, arguing that it is worth giving them a chance to express they feeling, no matter how.

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