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The best Italian restaurant in the world: Osteria Francescana by Bottura

Eating here is a holistic experience, and Bottura's dishes a collision of ideas, cultures, techniques and gestures

The best Italian restaurant in the world: Osteria Francescana by Bottura

Claudia Astarita


Are you craving Italian food and looking for the best in the world? Then you must head towards and book a table at the Osteria Francescana, which has been unanimously named as the best Italian restaurant by all the most influential and inflexible examiners around.

Osteria Francescana gets three Michelin stars, the first place in the L'Espresso Guide, with 19.75 points, the first place in the Gambero Rosso guide with 95 points, and the first place in the Italian Touring Club Guide. Moreover, in March it was included in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy" by the famous British gastronome and gourmand Joe Warwick and ranked first among Italian restaurants and third in the general listing.

Eating here is a holistic experience: the restaurant features only twelve tables and making a reservation means waiting for months before being admitted. Osteria Francescana is masterminded by the chef patron Massimo Bottura, who defines his cooking as "a collision of ideas, cultures, techniques and gestures".

Mr. Bottura is a well-known figure in the Italian food-lovers panorama. He comes from Emilia-Romagna, a region of epicureans, and discovered his passion for cooking while still a law student. He left his juridical textbooks, began his career investing in a small eatery near Modena, the "Trattoria del Campazzo", and, in order to improve his culinary skills, became an apprentice to superstars in the world of chefs, such as Georges Coigny and Alain Ducasse.

The result is the delicious combination of classical French and regional Italian flavours that some lucky foodies can enjoy today at Osteria Francescana. The sum of the two cooking traditions is not mathematical, as Mr. Bottura says, but "emotional": the menu, which is constantly updated, includes solid dishes, like pasta with Bolognese ragout or tortellini with parmesan cream, as well as inventive creations, like Monkfish in sliced lard crust or Millefoglie of fish and vegetables. Have a nice meal!

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