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Venice, Rome and Florence among world best destination

Italy is the better-represented nation in the list of the 50 greatest destinations on Earth

Venice, Rome and Florence among world best destination

Claudia Astarita


The Huffington Post recently published an updated list of the top 50 cities everybody should see in a lifetime. This group of 50 locations includes "the greatest destinations on Earth", and it is impressive to notice that Italy is one of the better-represented nation in the list.

Venice gains the first position, thanks to its picturesque canals, its grandiose basilicas, its colourful homes and cozy wine bars. It is indeed undeniable that there is no other place like Venice in the whole world.

The second Italian beauty in the list is Rome. The Eternal City got the 9th position for its sublime combination of fine art, cuisine, and tons and tons of ancient history. It is a matter of fact that walking anywhere in Rome "is like exploring the world's largest open-air museum."

The thirst Italian city, and the 11th in the list, is Florence, the cradle of Renaissance. However, Florence is special not only because it boasts "one of the most incredible art collections on Earth", but also because it offers "gorgeous cathedrals, delicious Tuscan food, rich and enchanting architecture", and smiling friendly people.

The world is big, and gorgeous destinations are everywhere, "from the great ancient capitals to the modern cities of Asia, the Americas, and beyond", but thanks to its huge concentration of beautiful big and small towns, nice weather and good food Italy is definitely a must-visit nation.

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