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Welcome to Villa Taranto Gardens

They are basically English style gardens with Italian inspirations thanks to its statues, fountains, ponds and terraces.

Welcome to Villa Taranto Gardens

Claudia Astarita


Who has been in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore, for a long time or just for one season or even only for a summer afternoon, has certainly heard about the famous Gardens of Villa Taranto.

The Gardens of Villa Taranto are considered among the 18 most extraordinary in the world. They are basically English style gardens with Italian inspirations thanks to its statues, fountains, ponds and terraces.

Their today's appearance is not natural, but the result, moulded during the years, of an arduous elaboration undertaken by Captain McEacharn in 1931. Indeed, coming into the gardens of Villa Taranto is just like making a travel through foreign lands.

Last but not least, every year Villa Taranto and its gardens host a season filled with very interesting events, which are giving tourist one more reason to stop by this beautiful Villa.

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