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Why Americans (should) love Italy

It is beautiful, inspiring, and affordable

Why Americans (should) love Italy

Claudia Astarita


The American magazine International Living recently published on its website an interesting comparison between Italy and France. It all started with the idea that it is a very good time to be an American in Europe, as the EU is cheap for US citizens, as the growing strength of the dollar has made it more affordable than ever. From here come the question on which is the best place where to spend time.

So where should Americans go? "France offers the most elegant, romantic, diverse, and creatively-inspiring lifestyle in the world. Then you have the fabulous food and wines of Italy...coupled with its dreamy landscapes...idyllic islands, and a rivetingly beautiful coastline".

Although it is true that "Paris is the most romantic city in the world", it is impossible to deny that Italy has "more cities to fall in love with than anywhere else?"the watery beauty of Venice...the bedazzlement of Florence...the Eternal City itself, Rome...". Beyond that, how to forget Italian stunning small cities in Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Sicily or Tuscany, just to mention a few.

And for those interested in a real estate bargain, here is what International Living recommends: "In one of these unsung parts of Italy, a couple of hours drive from Rome, you'll find a lovely region of olive-dappled countryside that's seriously undervalued. Dotted with vineyards and small farms, it's as scenically gorgeous as Tuscany, yet comparable real estate is often far cheaper". Do you need more reasons to get your suitcase ready?

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