Circular economy: the new goal for Italian companies and government

How to use waste to generate energy and profits

Circular economy: the new goal for Italian companies and government

Claudia Astarita


The smart process able to auto-regenerate and create profitis known as "circular economy". The protagonists are companies active in organic agriculture zero impact on the environment, those who produce energy from recycling and those involved in the building industry using hemp in in the walls, making them more resistant while being sustainable.

As explained by the online magazine Panorama.it, the circular economy is becoming more and more popular in Italy too, but it is still settling in the Italian economic landscape and regulations. Italian entrepreneurs of circular economy have demanded more flexible regulations in order to develop the sector in all its potential and create new job opportunities in the country.

Major attention has been put on waste and how to recycle it. The great variety of opportunities coming from the recycling world have already been understood in some parts of Italy, like Abruzzo. There, there is an industrial district devoted to the plastic recycle to bring it back to the supermarket as lunch boxes and wraps.

Another virtuous Italian example is the Neorurale, based in Milan. The company produces 120 thousand tonnes of compost, working in organic agriculture and very careful about protecting bio-diversity. This field of activity was considered as very promising also by Lucia Leonessi, General Director of Cisambiente, the new Italian confederation of Italian companies active in services related to the environment. Mrs Leonessi has stressed how working with compost is new relevant field of activity for company in Italy today. She pointed out how "solar and wind systems have almost become old", meaning that the future of new technologies related to environment are to be found elsewhere.

In this new innovative perspective, Mrs Leonessi has also pointed out how waste is to be considered as product, an opportunity and not a problem. Waste presents outstanding chances for further economic development in Italy but the government should definitely partner with this project providing new non-contradicting regulations for taxes and contracts.

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