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A country that needs explaining

Our economic model is complex, and there has not been enough information and communication until now. But today, at last, that is going to change.

A country that needs explaining

This is Italy Team


by Fedele Confalonieri, President of Mediaset Group


We think the time has come to start revealing some of the hidden wonders of Italy and explaining how the economic model works in our country.

One of the biggest misunderstandings in people's perception of Italy is that our country can be admired as a whole. That view is a distortion of reality.

Italy, like any country, is the sum of many asymmetries and different development speeds. It would be like not admitting that the GDP of California (1.9 trillion dollars) is the highest of all 51 states, or diluting it by averaging it with other, less prosperous states. In the same way, for example, the Lombardy Region has a GDP of 479 billion dollars and a per capita GDP of 50,000 dollars at the current rate of exchange: one of the highest in the world.

The Italian economy combines the virtues of large companies with the strength of 5 million small-medium enterprises in over 100 industrial clusters capable of preserving creativity, innovation, quick response of the decisional systems and attention to the clients, all elements that are what make the Italian economy so successful, led by its exports.

The present macroeconomic challenges to Italy are undeniable, but we want to focus on the real strengths that place the country in a position to withstand and face the macroeconomic problems of the near future.

From now on, today's initiative will have our enthusiastic support. We are well aware that we have not excelled in terms of information and communication when it comes to our country, either recently or in the past. There are a lot of reasons for this, many of them too complex to explain, but what matters is that now we will start to reverse the trend, launching the first web magazine in English from Italy.

Panorama Economy, an icon in Italy, will head this new undertaking. From now on, readers of English will finally be able to keep themselves informed on a weekly basis about the companies, developments, opportunities and challenges of Italy.

We are certain that this will offer the investors a new perspective on Italy as a business source and destination, to create synergisms. There may still be a lot of shortcomings to deal with, but at least we can remedy the one relative to communications!

Mediaset considers this web magazine a significant step in the direction of transparency and comprehension of the Italian economy for international observers.

Our country isn't just food, fashion, furniture and Ferraris. Breaking down stereotypes is hard work, but it is worth the effort. We have to remember that Italy is the second industrial pole in the world, on a per capita basis, behind only Germany.

This explains the excellent quality of Italian products, which are superior in terms of engineering, craftsmanship and talent.

As always, traders and financial operators need information and communication in order to decide.

From now on, thanks to «Why Italy Matters to the World», the U.S. and Italy will have a new platform and reference point where operators can meet, talk, make investments, create new jobs and generate wealth.

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