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Italians with residence abroad? They do the right thing

An evil to be rooted out?

Italians with residence abroad? They do the right thing

Nathania Zevi


by Oscar Giannino ( journalist, writer and subscriber of a manifesto to put forward liberalistic proposals for Italy)

Only government leaders, who are convinced that the way to boost economy is raising taxes and expenses, think so.

Competition among systems trying to impose as less taxes as possible is posititive.

Systems imposing  less taxes generally offer better services and have thriving economies.

They are the blatant denial that high expenses and high taxes are "virtuous".

The fiscal war against those Italians who have a house and tax residence abroad, or those who have started up enterprises in countries were taxes are much lower than in Italy is wrong.

These Italians should be placed on a fast track, instead of being investigated.

In fact, they are the ones that widen Italian business affairs abroad. Or else it may happen, what is already happening.

Hundreds of Italian enterprises have moved to Carinthia, Switzerland, Slovenia and Serbiain the current year.

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