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US will consider European Union a fundamental partner no matter who the next President will be

The relationship with Europe has been the great absent during the entire US Presidential campaign

US will consider European Union a fundamental partner no matter who the next President will be



by Simone Crolla - Managing Director American Chamber of Commerce in Italy

A few hours from the vote, the absolute certainty is that the US Presidential Election always represents a very exciting moment not only for US citizens, who are choosing their President, but also for the rest of the world, considering that US decisions influence prominently the world's political and economic conduct.

The following four years will see USA coming out of the crisis, which has began in 2007.

Even if the unemployment rate is still at 7.9%,US economy is showing the first signs of growth. The question is: which program will be chosen to feed the exit way? The one, based on solidarity, supported by President Obama, or the one based on the individual initiatives, supported by the republican candidate Romney?

However this crucial day is not only the day of the Presidential Election: the House of Representatives will be completely renewed, one third of the Senate will be chosen and thirteen of the fifty States will elect the new Governor.

Besides, some referendum will be conducted in many States on themes which could cause significant legislative changes, for example Proposition 34 in California. This law eliminates death penalty and transforms these sentences, which are at the moment 725, in life sentences without parole opportunities.

Every European analyst agrees to say the relationship with Europe has been the great absent during the entire US Presidential campaign. I think it is important to stress that this theme, though extremely important, would have dragged each candidate on a very slippery ground.

In fact, the close links between US and European economy, as proved by the debt crisis evolution, are a very difficult argument to be simplified for campaign messages.

All this is proved by the fact that the US market, both for its dimension and for its features, represents an extremely important opportunity for the Italian and European companies to increase their exportations and their direct settlement in the USA.

I think it is important to emphasize the fact that the USA represent the 35% of the worldwide household consumption, which is four time the BRIC's one.

During these hours of rumours, disputes at polling places and exit polls, the only certainty is that the United States of America will keep considering the European Union as a fundamental partner, a part from the election result.





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