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We are here and we'll do our part. An op-ed by Diego Della Valle (of Tod's)

For businessmen and workers, the success of their company is a reason for pride

We are here and we'll do our part. An op-ed by Diego Della Valle (of Tod's)

Nathania Zevi


 by Diego Della Valle

(The entrepreneur that brought Tod's to international success.)

Italian businessmen, the real ones, whether large or small, are, with their workers, the best example of what it means to feel proud of being Italian.

This category of people who, luckily, are the majority in our country, have done nothing other than devote themselves with conviction and pride to producing excellent things and constantly improving, with tenacity and strong entrepreneurial dignity.

What is just as important is the atmosphere of respect and cooperation that entrepreneurs and workers share, certain that the success of a company is in the common interests and a source of pride for them all.

It is this atmosphere that I have always experienced and that is unquestionably a significant force behind the success of products made in Italy in the world.

The world leadership of Italian companies, recognized and admired by all, is the result of hard work, of not being afraid to question every aspect when necessary, of renewing by dipping into the great unrivaled cultural heritage that our country can claim, and above all, counting on the strong patriotic spirit that the world of labor has toward Italy.

The message is loud and clear: times are tough, but we are here and we will do our part.


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