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A 73-year-old supermodel for Bottega Veneta

Lauren Hutton is the face of the Italian brand Spring/Summer 2017 campaign

A 73-year-old supermodel for Bottega Veneta

Claudia Astarita


How much are we influenced by fashion industry when it is time to define what is trendy, beautiful, acceptable or disrespectful?

After the first steps have been moved towards increasing the diversity in model's ethnic backgrounds and body sizes, the Italian fashion icon Bottega Veneta has decided to start its own battle against "age discrimination".

While models are always very young, if not too young, Bottega Veneta has recruited the legendary model Lauren Hutton for its Spring/Summer 2017 campaign: "One of the highest paid models in the 1970s, Hutton is real-life proof that style and beauty have no age-limit".

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