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Alice Pasquini: the successful story of an Italian artist

Alice has already decorated about 2000 walls in big cities around the world

Alice Pasquini: the successful story of an Italian artist

Claudia Astarita


Alice Pasquini - the talented Italian street artist - has become a popular name today. Originally from Rome, Alice is now famous on the international art stage, having decorated about 2000 walls in big cities around the world. Among them, as reminded in an interesting article published by the Huffington Post, New York, Copenhagen, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Singapore, Melbourne and Madrid.

Italy is also full with Miss Pasquini's masterpieces. Streets in Rome, Salerno, Syracuse and Naples are full of colours characterising Pasquini's style, which is enjoyed both by the locals and by visitors.

The Italian artist's aim is the one of giving colour to forgotten suburbs or peripheral ones, giving life to old buildings with a work of art that puts a spotlight on personal life and intimacy.

Alice Pasquini can be defined in multiple ways at the same time: street artist, painter, scenographer, illustrator, cartoonist and a passionate voyager. In fact, her travel notebooks are great sources of inspiration for her works, being full of sketches, faces, conversations and scenes characterising different places. All of a sudden, these written notes are transferred into a wall and they become great protagonists of the context.

Alice Pasquini's works of art recently reached Melbourne, in Australia, where she painted part of the wall of the Italian Museum in Carlton, telling about the long story of Italian migration to Australia. The mural is 10 metres long and 7 metres high, seeing a girl as a protagonist looking at the horizon while a ship full of migrants is set out towards Australia.

Given the fact that she has family in Australia, Alice has a special bond with the country. She has been to Australia 3 times and she has travelled a lot around the country. She has also painted in Sydney, the first Australian city she has arrived to.

Alice's story is definitely a successful one: her worldly fame has also been accompanied by several articles dedicated to her by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Last but not least, Treccani Encyclopedia has inserted her name under the "artist" category.

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