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Billionaires on holiday: discovering Italy driving a Ferrari

A personal concierge takes care of everything. Drivers just need to enjoy landscapes and food

Billionaires on holiday: discovering Italy driving a Ferrari

Claudia Astarita


Where do you think billionaires go on holiday? Driving all over Italy with a Ferrari is certainly an option. In case you are curious to know whether you will ever be able to afford it or not, you should know that a tour like that might cost among $26,000 to $39,000 per week.

For people who are so rich that they usually do not know how to spend their money, there are not so many options available. They can buy a private island in Belize, spending from $13,500 to $19,500 per night (Bill Gates, Leonardo Di Caprio and Tiger Woods have done it), but for those dreaming an adventured holiday a desert island is not enough.

They might rather opt for driving on Tuscany hills sitting on a comfortable Ferrari. With no luggage of course, as the Ferrari Tour is organized in a way to leave tourist free of any pain. A personal concierge usually takes care of the baggage, driving it to the destination with another car, and makes sure that every night the Ferrari is cleaned and ready for the forthcoming adventure. The concierge can also offer recommendations on the best destinations to visit and the most remarkable accommodations and restaurants en route, reminding clients that dining costs are additional.

In case Ferrari tourists decide to visit Sicily or Sardinia as well,  the concierge can also recommend them the most comfortable way to reach these two islands, but in case they want to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Venice, they will have to get off the car and take a gondola like all "normal" tourists are used to do.

Finally, there is another way in which billionaires can enjoy Italian landscapes and Ferrari: sending their own to Italy to take part to the Mille Miglia. They can opt for an old or a new car. No matter how high traveling costs will be, this kind of Italian tour will be much cheaper. The baggage has to stay in the car and there is no concierge taking care of it. Food and accommodations will remain high standard anyway, but the idea of keeping back home the memory of driving Italian peninsula with your own Ferrari will be priceless.

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