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Italian historians looking for Leonardo da Vinci's descendants

The oscar-nominated movie director Franco Zeffirelli is one of them

Italian historians looking for Leonardo da Vinci's descendants

Claudia Astarita


Two Italian historians, Alessandro Vezzosi and Agnese Sabato,  reconstructed the genealogy of the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci and identified about three dozen Italians as his descendants.

The researchers explained to The Guardian that their work has been based on a study of documental evidences found  in Italy, Spain and France, such as estate papers and Church records. As the body of Italy's most famous Renaissance painter, inventor and scientist was lost in the 16th century, their findings could not be verified through any kind of DNA test.

Among Leonardo's descendants, the most famous surely is the Oscar-nominated movie director Franco Zeffirelli, who is the son of Ottorino Corsi, who was born and raised in Vinci in Tuscany, before moving to the city of Florence.

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