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Italian vineyard experts take care of top-class French wineries

Mr Simonit and his team called to save French luxurious wines

Italian vineyard experts take care of top-class French wineries

Claudia Astarita


French have entrusted Italians to take care of their exclusive vineyards. By the latters, we refer to top names, such as Château Latour, Premier Gran Cru Classé (one of the most prestigious wines in the world) and Moët&Chandon.

Already looking after the winery Château d'Yquem, the Italian expert Marco Simonit and his team will monitor and assure a good health to the three above mentioned wine maisons.

As a matter of fact, the luxurious wineries are facing a deadly threat to their patrimony. Namely, the vineyards are often affected by deterioration and premature mortality due to diseases attacking wood.

In order to understand the seriousness of this phenomenon, Mr. Simonit explained to the Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore that vineyard deterioration can exterminate "more than 10% of Cabernet Sauvignon plants per year", provoking a great damage for the whole industry.

Given these numbers and the lack of effective treatment against the diseases affecting wood, companies like Château Latour have decided to invest on prevention, calling Mr Simonit and his team as consultants. They mainly offer their tailored technique known as "Simonit&Sirch method" aimed at protecting the vineyards by means of a more robust wooden structure, strengthened by an ad hoc pruning, mindful of the devastating impact cuts have on the lymphatic system of plants.

As a result, Mr Simonit has identified in pruning the key tool to bolster the vineyard. He and his team closely work with the technicians and the top management of the different wineries the work with, in order to customize their methods to the particular grape characteristics, respecting traditions and preserving the original taste.

The Italian consultants mostly form and direct the tree trimmers teams and work with both young and older vineyards. The final outcome - visible over the years - would be an increased longevity of the vineyards the take care of. Considering the validity of their methods and the attention devoted to their job, the chances to be successful seem quite high.

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