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Remembering Enzo Ferrari: the legend for Italian motors

A story of grief and determination characterising one of the most outstanding icons of Made in Italy

Remembering Enzo Ferrari: the legend for Italian motors

Claudia Astarita


Ferrari is undoubtedly one of the icons of Made in Italy, representing the great quality of Italian cars abroad. This week signs the the anniversary of the death of Ferrari's founder, Enzo Ferrari, who passed away n August 14th 1988.

Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena in 1988 and his family was very a humble one. While having a happy childhood with his parents and brothers very much beloved, Enzo's life was greatly impacted by the death of his father - due to pneumonia in 1916 - followed by his brother Dino's death in the same year.  Since then, young Enzo learnt how to deal with pain and solitude.

He tried to keep his mid away from grief by engaging in several sports, such as athletics, shooting, skating and fencing. But Enzo's real passion were motors. He started working in this field during the time he served in the army (in 1917) but he then was infected by the same disease that led his brother to death. Thankfully, Enzo survived and in 1918 he moved to Turin to make fortune.

He started working for a small garage, but soon his skills led him to bigger companies, such as CMN (Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali) and Alfa Romeo, where Enzo started working in 1919. He also became pilot wining significant monetary prizes. In spite he only won once in Ravenna in 1923, Ferrari's skills as a pilot were not underestimated by his public. Especially by the countess Paolina Biancoli who gave Ferrari the symbol that made him famous all over the world: the rampant horse, which became the emblem of the cars belonging to the Ferrari stable.

After his divorce with Alfa Romeo in 1943, Ferrari went to Maranello and started his own company. In the 1950s, Ferrari also expanded his business to Gran Tourism vehicles which were very successful as well.

Enzo Ferrari retired in 1977 after having experienced many years of grief for the death of his son Dino (named after his deceased brother) and two of his pilots.

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