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Sport as the gateway to a healthy lifestyle

A new initiative focusing on football

Sport as the gateway to a healthy lifestyle

Claudia Astarita


Massimiliano Allegri has become internationally famous not only for the brilliant coaching of the Italian football team Juventus but also for a number of initiatives having Mr Allegri as the protagonist.

In fact, everybody knows about his good choices and his ability to put on the field the right schemes, allowing Juventus to arrive at the final match of Champions League, but not everyone knows about the project called The Health Championship.

The initiative sprang out a study conducted by Intermedia, an integrated communication company of medicine, health and well-being. The survey involved almost 50 thousand people and has revealed that 40% of youths (under 18 years old) usually ask advice on their lifestyle to the coach of the sport their practice. This range of age is extremely important because marks the beginning of certain behaviours and habits (both good and bad) that an individual brings with him for his whole life.

When it is about bad behaviours, they can be corrected starting working at that age with a few simple rules that become essential. For instance, 5 thousand steps a day could avoid 600 thousand deaths throughout the European Union. Also, Intermedia revealed that 1 Euro invested in sport is worth 5 Euros of medicines.

For these reasons, it is essential to involve more and more people in the sport world through the key figure of the coach as a "health partner". Football coaches like Allegri taking part in the project will learn that battles are not only won on the court but also out of it, through the right guidance of young people towards a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Championship will be fully implemented next season where some "health balls" will appear on Italian main squares. Young boys will have the chance to score a goal in the main square and also to post pictures on social medias praising model healthy behaviours. Massimiliano Allegri has fully espoused this initiative and he will also be an ambassador for the Championship, going to the European Parliament to speak in favour of this project. Good luck Mister Allegri.

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