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Wearable Cities. When maps become jewels

The Italian contemporary jewellery designer Giulia Savino is travelling to Melbourne to present her new creations

Wearable Cities. When maps become jewels

Claudia Astarita


If you think that necklaces and maps have nothing in common, the Italian contemporary jewellery designer Giulia Savino would be happy to prove you wrong. Based in Turin, Ms Savino is now travelling all over the world to introduce her new project 1:20.000, a collection of maps in shape of jewels. 1:20.000 was exhibited in her first solo show at Officina 500, in Turin.

Ms Savino's maps help to raise a lot of questions about identity and affiliation. "We often look at the city from up, at the height of the clouds, where everything turns into a grid of lines and geometric shapes...And so, everything looks small and neat, making us believe that we can grab it all and hold it in one hand", explains Ms Savino, adding that 1: 20000 is indeed the re-elaboration of that instant "when something huge is in our hands in which we have the feeling to be in that place owning that place".

As "the map is not the territory" but just one of the many possible representations of reality, each jewel is a personal interpretation of a city whose shape can evolve through the interaction with the body, and 1: 20000 a collection of cities in form of jewels.

Ms Savino's project as a whole is conceived as a never-ending journey across the exploration and analysis of the urban planning, social interaction and the contemporary jewellery world. At each stage, the collection grows and it is enriched with new work and experience. At the end of this week of May, Ms Savino's jewels will reach Australia, hosted by Bini Galley, the most famous contemporary jewellery gallery in Melbourne. For this occasion, the maps of Sydney and Melbourne will be disclosed together with the ones of other Italian and European cities as Roma, Torino, Berlin, Genéve and Paris. Bini Gallery's owner and manager Lorenza Bini has decided to support Ms Savino's work as she believes that her collection also responds to very contemporary needs as mobility and flexibility, with jewels introduced as seducing and light objects, taking up very little space and adaptable to different contexts.

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